The back jacket flap

The Girl from the North Country
– Maker of Things
– Undomestic Goddess
– Fuelled by C8H10N4O2 & help from St Jude

A self-proclaimed writer ever since she was able to scribble the alphabet in wax crayon on scrap paper, Angela is a five-foot-none, almost-thirty Roman Catholic Canadian with a propensity towards quality reading material, old whiskeys, and balls of yarn.  She lives with copious amounts of each in Montreal, in nine hundred square feet that she shares with her husband, cat, dog, and son.

Raised on the Lewisian theory that “no reader worth his salt trots along in obedience to a timetable,” Angela’s literary experience is an ever-expanding bibliography that spans across centuries throughout different worlds.  Thanks to her parents’ philosophy that any book under their roof was fair game for anyone to pick up and read, she has travelled far and wide across the landscapes of many imaginations in the hope that one day she’ll find a corner of the universe waiting for her to chronicle its stories.

In the meantime, though, there’s no place like home — and truth is definitely stranger than fiction.

And so, in between working, getting fit, cooking up storms, enjoying fika, spending quality time with her loved ones, keeping a human baby alive, and pestering God and the Saints, Angela glimpses the ordinary life around her and hopes to elevate it to worthwhile reading for anyone who happens to drop by.  Aspiring to join the ranks of her favourite scribblers, is where she’s decided to share her observations and reflections about the significant human experience in today’s world.  She welcomes you to read whatever catches your eye and to comment and share freely if you so desire, and thanks you for stopping by today.

Please note that what is expressed and discussed on this website are not the views, opinions, or positions of any of Angela’s employers or educational institutions.  The contents of this blog – writing, images, and other forms of media – are the property of the author unless explicitly credited, cited, or stated. 

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